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    Steps to publish a workbook with extracts onto server


      Hi, I read few notes but I'm getting confused. Thought I put it here and get a better answer. Thanks in advance.



      I've a workbook with multiple extracts(located local) and need to be published on to server.

      Steps I'm following.

      1)First thing is it is a .twbx

      2)Published the workbook to server and i can see that in the location i published.

      3)On the datasource..I did right click and then publish to server  with the embedded password and which i can see on the server.

      4) When publishing, I also did set a refresh schedule which I'm good there.

      5) Similarly on all the data sources/excel(which are extracts on local machine), I've published to server and I can see all of them in the Data Sources tab in the server.

      6) Now when I refresh the workbook from server, it should refresh all the extracts and show me the current data right? provided I'm using right credentials when connecting to extracts generated from data sources.  ( here when i refresh the extract will it look for .tde on my local machine or from where it will pick up??)

      Please correct me if any of the steps above I'm doing it wrong.



      As i mentioned above is it enough if I just do publish the data extracts on to server(by right click and the publish to server) or in addition to that should i also publish the .tde which is on my local machine. And how is it with excel extracts.( should i move the original excel anywhere from my local machine?)


      Please share your thoughts.


      Thank you!