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    Matrix of all workbooks with user permissions per workbook

    Clint Mudrick



      We are trying to clean up our Tableau environment, and one component of that is ensuring that the right users are seeing the right workbooks.


      I know that by clicking on each individual workbook I can see the users/groups that can access them, and then from there I could dive into which users are in which user group.  With a lot of restructuring in our organization, we get a lot of questions about who can access what and concerns making sure other people CAN'T access other things.


      The problem is that we have about 40 active workbooks with varying access lists, and there is no friendly copy/paste setup I have seen for dumping this data into a report.


      First, is there a report within Tableau that would help me get to this data?  For instance, a matrix showing users (or group) as rows and workbooks as columns, with permission type in the grid?


      Alternatively, is there any view I might be missing that could dump this data to a crosstab for me to dig further?


      Thanks so much for any suggestions.