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    View Underlined Data not drilling down from Blended Source

    Phil Giannaris

      I have created two data sources, one server based and the other an excel sheet, blended in my Tableau Workbook.  They are joined by the shared field and the View allows me to use a dimension from the Excel book as a row slicer while my column slicers are coming from the database.


      The view works as you would expect; however, when I try to right click on a piece of information and view the underlined data, it shows the combined data for the Column I am trying to drill into, not the specific underlined data for the Row/Column I selected.


      For example,  if a column of financial data totals $200,000, but one of the individual rows based upon by row slicer is $10,000, when I right click and view the data it brings up all records building up to the $200,000 not the $10,000.


      Has anyone encountered this before and if so, were you able to solve it?