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    Sorting by Different Columns

    Rahul Ahluwalia

      Hi there,


      I have a tabular view with 2 dimensions and about 10 different measures that are showing on the dashboard with Measure Values as the only pill under columns. I'm trying to make a sort option that will allow the user to sort by any field on the view. I was able to accomplish this by creating a parameter and then a calculated field. I then put the calculated field as the first pill (disabled show header) and linked it to the parameter, so it sorts automatically now. In other words, the Sort By calculated field is set to the value of the parameter and because it is all the way on the left, it essentially copies the column selected in the parameter dropdown and places it as the first column for sorting.


      The problem is that it always sorts in an ascending order. How can I make it descending? Under Sort the only option is Manual or Data Source Order.