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    Javascript API: Export Image of single sheet on a dashboard

    Salman Bashir

      Dear All,


      I have a webpage where a viz is embedded. The active sheet is a dashboard and contains multiple sheets (an example is attached where individual sheets are circled). Below is the situation:


      - All sheets on the dashboard are hidden (don't have separate tabs)

      - User should be able to select individual sheets (I can extract a list using JS and show in a panel, any better idea would help a lot)




      - When user selects an individual sheet, and hit a button (on web page, or the individual sheet name can be a an <a> itself) the image for that particular sheet must be exported and available for download. i.e. viz.showExportImageDialog() exports the image of whole dashboard but I need it to export the specific sheet on the dashboard.


      Simplifying, I need the tableau desktop "Worksheet->export image" functionality.


      Also from web it exports image as "PNG", can we change it to export as "Jpeg" as it does in desktop?


      Any help will be appreciated.