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    Can I Overlay User Selected measures in Tableau ?

    Manideep Bhattacharyya

      Hello everyone,


      We have a requirement to prepare a similar VIZ (Screen Shot attached). Here based on User's input, various measures on a chart (Let's say in Line Chart) to be overlapped one top of another. The basic measure could be Sales over Time. On top of Sales, various Competitor sales to be plotted.


      I was trying to do this by putting "Measure Values" in the Rows Shelf, Filters and on Color shelf. Then Placing Order date to the Column shelf. It does good job. But I have a small problem. I don't want to show all measures on the chart and at the same time don't want to expose all these measures to End User for Selection. How to avoid this ?


      Is there any way by which "Measure Values" can be used in a Calculated field / expression then my job will be done. Please help me.


      Screen Shot 1.JPG

      Screen Shot 2.jpg

      Screen Shot 3.jpg