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    Tableau Server 9.2.6 Bug?

    Mike Partridge

      So we recently upgraded Tableau Server from 9.1.0 to 9.2.6. Everything looked to have been working OK, however I've uncovered a particular problem:


      - We have a series of workbooks (7) which use individual data sources, so there are 7 data sources

      - All 7 data sources are manual extracts from SQL server (they are not live - we do not want live extracts in this case)

      - In order to manually refresh these extracts, the user goes into Project -> Data Sources, selects all 7 data sources then then clicks on Actions -> Refresh Extracts -> Full Refresh

      - Tableau Server queries the SQL database, and updates the Live / Last Extract time

      - However if the workbooks are then opened it is clear that the extracts haven't been refreshed since we are still seeing the old data

      - If the user then goes into 1 workbook, then goes into the Data Sources tab and clicks on Refresh Now (this incidentally does not show the same time as the Live / Last Extract time which it should have, since the extracts were previously refreshed) - the Last data extract refresh time gets updated

      - The workbook's data is then updated


      This certainly seems like a bug to me - has anyone else experienced this? Would appreciate any thoughts.





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          Sharad Adhikari

          Hi Mike,


          The data source located in Project --> Data sources are those which your publisher published for other users to use. When you publish only data sources, they always go to some project folder.


          The data source located in Workbook--> Data sources are those which were published along with workbook.


          So there is not necessarily connection between two of the above data sources. Why you are not leveraging schedules for refreshing these extracts?