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    Trying to set all filters to "all"

    Jennifer Cohen

      I have a "Filter Control" dashboard set up with 20+ filters.  Those filters are all set to "Apply to all worksheets using this data source".  Then I have a action set up where they can jump to another dashboard which is the reporting page with 4 tables set up that all show the data based on the products selecting meeting the "Filter Control" criteria.


      Now they want to have a "Reset Filters" button on the "Filter Control" dashboard which would reset all 20+ of the filters to (All).  I tried creating a new button the same way I did the button to jump between dashboards and having it be a filter action that would show all values on the filter control worksheet, but that is not doing it.


      Any help/suggestions??  I'm new to Tableau so I might need some hand holding in the explanation on how to do this!


      Thank you so much in advance

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          Carl Slifer

          HI Jennifer,


          My colleague tackled this last year with a blog post and crushed it.  When you download that workbook that he has provided the layout and what he has done should become fairly clear. Cheers!



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            Jennifer Cohen

            Thank you so much for the reply!  I spent hours trying to replicate it only to realize finally why mine was not working the same way!


            So - I have 17 filters set up on a "Filter Control" worksheet and then I have an action set-up to take the user to the result Dash board page.


            All 17 of my filters are set up to Apply to Worksheets -> All Using this Data Source.  With that selection turned on, the action to reset the filter to "All" does not work!  If I turn it off and make it only Apply to This Worksheet, it works fine. 


            But I need it to apply to all worksheets using this data source because of how the dashboard is set up!


            So, any ideas on what I can do to make this all work?  Thanks so much in advance!!!