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    How to add headers for the columns

    vinutha vasanthu

      I want to add customized headers for the columns.Please find the screen shot attached.

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          Rohan Malusare

          Hi Vinutha,


          You have to add text box for all headers and put all in horizontal container so that you can move all text box at ones.





          Rohan Malusare.

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            Ashish Chaudhari

            Hi Rohan and Vinutha,


            I have another set of possible solution for this which would reduce the effort of the creating so many text box and managing them at a time.


            You can create the a separate table in the database which will include text (required column header). Once you add the connection to the tableau you can simply drag the column and you will get the required list in the Row or columnar format.


            Doing this would help all of them at once where if you create the text boxes you will need to format the same again and again.


            Thanks and Regards

            Ashish Chaudhari.

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