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    Filter 2 or more measures based on different criteria in same workbook

    Amy Partin

      I am trying to essentially create a table like below


      Measure2016Q12016Q2 Forecast
      Total Revenue$500$550
      Total Bookings$300$350


      This data is generated from an OLAP cube.


      My problem lies within the fact that each number above is calculated using different dimension and measures. For instance:


      Total Revenue 2016Q1 - will use Operating Revenue dimension with Margin measure along with a 2016Q1 date

      Total Revenue 2016Q2 Forecast - will use Operating Revenue dimension with Margin Forecast measure along with 2016Q2 Forecast date (different date type than 2016Q1 above)

      Total Bookings 2016Q1 - will use Bookings Results measure with 2016Q1 date

      Total Bookings 2016Q2 Forecast - will use Forecast measure with 2016Q2 Forecast date (different data type than 2016Q1 above)


      Is it possible to create measures/fields in Tableau using specific filtered criteria such as this? When I attempt to create a calculated field I see only measures as filter criteria. Any help is much appreciated!