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    Count of customers with more than n orders, by country, in packed bubble chart


      Hi Tableau gurus,


      I have been breaking my head trying to solve this problem on a proprietary dataset. I have tried using the SuperStore dataset hoping that a simpler dataset would help, but to no avail. I've attached a packaged workbook.


      In the parlance of the SuperStore dataset, I know that there are some customers that only have one order and others that have two or more Order IDs. I would like to count, by country, customer IDs that have 2 or more distinct Order IDs. For example, Customer ID 2 who lives in the US has only one order, and so I would not want to count that customer in the total for the US.


      Once I know how many customers in each country have two or more orders, I'd like to display a packed bubble chart with country names and the multi-order customer count.


      I've played around with various table calculations but can't get anywhere that makes sense. I'm sure it can be done! Thanks for any help you can provide.