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    How do I get the percentage to display on a stacked bar graph?

    quynh pham

      I have spent the last 3 days following tutorials like these:


      Tableau Create a 100 percent stacked bar chart - YouTube


      Label percent of total bar on a 2 measure stacked bar chart?


      But for some reasons, I was unable to follow these tutorials to the end and get the result I am trying to go get.


      I have 10 years of data from 2000-2015, each year has 5 categories.  I managed to build a stacked bar graph and show the actual amounts for each subcategory on the graph, but I would like to show the percentage.



      For some reason, when I tried the   Quick Calculation-Percent from Total to get the percentage, tableau calculate the total of the whole 10 years rather than just that particular year, I tried the table down,across, cell, and none gives the desired result.


      So my workbook (Age Distribution) is attached, and the final product I am trying to get to is the SmartphoneCostBreakDown by Sarah Lewin.

      Thank you for any help.