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    Dynamic Column Headers

    Nayan Patel

      Hi I was wondering if and how we can get dynamic column headers.  As you can see in the screen grab below we have a parameter which allows us to select a period and version of a dataset to compare to another period and version (i.e period 1 vs period 2), However in the column header we can only label it period 1 and period 2.  I would like to be able to display the actual period content so it makes the dashboard more relent and easier to use for the end user. 


      Ideally where period 1 and period 2 exist in the header, I would like to be able to see my selection from the parameter, i.e. 2015Q3-v1, 2015Q4-v3, etc)





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          Sai Kiran

          Hi Nayan,


          I had a similar requirement last week. But unfortunately Tableau does not have anything for this. It just display the field name as you have named it. There is no way you can change it dynamically .


          But yes. There is a work around if you are fine using text boxes than displaying field names.


          1. Hide the field name


          2. Create a text box IN THE DASHBOARD with the dynamic parameter name which u want to give:


          This should get what you want. But this not a good practice as the text box may move from its place when the environment changes. But it is a work around.


          Hope this helps.