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    Look up

    Niranjan Banarjee



      Below are my charts in Dashboard, requirement is to have same items as 1st chart in the left hand.

      Currently, in the 2nd chart the Products are not inline with 1st chart.Is there any way we can get it done by using Look Up formula.


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          Sai Kiran

          Hi Niranjan,


          This does'nt seem to be a good way of presenting. Can you mention your requiremnet? I mean what are you trying to build.


          Because in situations like these there is always chances of getting allignment issues when the dashboard is moved another environment like bigger screen laptop, tab or mobile.


          Please share your requirement so that we can think of a workaround.

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            Steve Martin

            Hi Niranjan,


            As Sai said, this could be quite confusing; saying this, have you tried inserting a field before the product field on your current output, setting the sorts on this new field and then choosing to hide the header of this new sorting field?

            What I am explaining here is that you re-partition your data against a new sorting partition



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              Niranjan Banarjee

              basically my requirement is if Two charts created in different work sheets.


              But on moving to DB can both chart items be inline.

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                Niranjan Banarjee

                HI Steve,


                I have done that but , its not happening  may be because all are Tableau computed Table Calculation.


                Is there any other way by which we can accomplish it.

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                  Steve Martin

                  There might be but without eyes-on we have no way of knowing.


                  Please can you upload either a sanitised package workbook showing where you have got to or a sanitised Excel workbook showing us your raw (sanitised) data and your required output so we have something to copy.



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                    Niranjan Banarjee

                    I think I am somehow got the desired results.