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    How to format a measure Via calculation?

    Matan Bracha

      Hi All!

      I have a data base that contains:  Date | Product | Views | Installs | Conversion Rate

      I've created a Line-Graph that shows the measure that was chosen using a parameter, along dates.

      Meaning -

      Parameter: "Measure Switch", of type string, "Views", "Downloads", "Installs", "CR%"

      Calculated Field: "MeasureSwitchCalculation",

      CASE [Measure Switch]

      WHEN "Views" THEN SUM([Views])

      WHEN "Downloads" THEN SUM([Downloads])

      WHEN "Installs" THEN SUM([Installs])

      WHEN "CR%" THEN [Conversion Rate]



      On the line graph I have label of the values, which is great when I choose "Installs" for instance, but when I choose CR% I get a number - 0.2 instead of 20%.

      1. I've tried format on the calculation, but it makes all the measures percents...

      2. I've tried in the calculation "[Conversion Rate]/100 + '%' ", but it says I can't mix string and integers...


      So if anyone have a good idea for a workaround so I can see percents on the screen and not numbers - it'll be amazing!


      Thank you