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    Pivoting time series data

    Tim Quinn

      Hi, Im working with Australian Bureau of Statistics time series data - time flowing down, data flowing across.

      I have tried reshaping the data - from spreadsheet to tableau - using the pivot tool (where I pivot on all columns except for time - or 'Year').

      The xlsx w/book is the raw data I am pivoting on (columns B:N). The twbx file has the pivoted file where it has reshaped the file to have 2 dimensions ('Date' and 'Sector' - Sector being a construct of what were the B:N variables) and one measure - 'Values' (this represents the values of the Sectors).

      Is this right? The reason I query is because there are 13 components in the dimension Sector and I would have though that they would be individually identified rather than grouped.

      Thanks in advance. R/Tim