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    Sharing -- PostgreSQL Admin View that combines TabMon and Tableau PostgreSQL

    Mike Konopinski

      Hey All,


      Just wanted to share this pretty cool viz I put together that has been incredibly helpful lately.  Basically it combines the TabMon server health PostgreSQL database with the Tableau Admin DB.  They're put together via full outer join by timestamp (to the second) using Alteryx though there are other tool options.  I only used Alteryx because the Tableau Desktop blending doesn't do a full outer join.  Once the data is put together into one dataset you see a combination of server health stats like CPU used, Ram used, and available hard drive space on one axis.  The second axis has user actions from the Tableau Admin DB Events table, things like extract refreshes and publishing activities.  This is very handy since you can see the cause and effect of a Tableau server event.  In the example I put up we were able to see the CPU and hard drive impact of a huge extract that a user ran.  This workbook has been a huge asset in seeing how our Tableau server actions are impacting our server.


      Hopefully it can help you as much as it did us!