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    show current quarter, prior quarter for each category and All categories

    Leo Kaplun

      I think this issue had been solved a few times but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.

      I need to show a table that has the total cost for this quarter and last quarter by Entity which is selected in the filter.



      It must be able to do this for when the user selects All entities.

      I was able to show the current and prior Q number for each specific entity by using the Duplicate Data Source method, where you duplicate the data source and create a new date field which is 1 period ahead and then use Data Blending to join the results.

      But this only works if the field you are blending on are visible in the view.

      For one entity this is not a problem since I can simply hide the column header but when the user selects All then I have a problem.

      Is there another way to do this without doing data blending?

      There will always be just ONE date selected, user will not be able to select All dates.

      I've attached the sample workbook.



      I thought that in Tableau 9 they allowed data blending when the column was not visible but now its not allowed. Not sure if I'm right about that