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    Applying a filter to only specific parameter value

    Shivang Desai

      Hi All,


      I am trying to apply filter for just a particular parameter value.




      I have 5 parameter values:

      1) Members Acquired

      2) Loyalty

      3) Sales

      4) Expired Members

      5) Live Members


      I want to apply the filter just to "Expired Members" but not able to do so.


      Here is the screenshot of my workbook.


      Screenshot (38).png


      The filter "Expired members" has the formula:


      IF [ExpiryDate] >= today() THEN






      ( [ExpiryDate] is a field)


      and row column in the screenshot where you can see  "AGG(Sales metric to view frequncy)" has the formula


      IF [Metric to View] = 'Members Acquired' then SUM([Total Members])

      ELSEIF [Metric to View] = 'Acquisition Rate' then [AQRate]

      ELSEIF [Metric to View] = 'Live Member Group' then SUM([Total Members])

      ELSEIF [Metric to View] = 'Loyalty Sales' then SUM([Nett])

      ELSEIF [Metric to View] = 'Member Frequency' then [FRE_TRND_AllMembers]

      ELSEIF [Metric to View] = 'Member Ticket Average' then [TA_Members]

      ELSEIF [Metric to View] = 'Member Points' then SUM([Points])

      ELSEIF [Metric to View] = 'Expired Members' then SUM([Total Members])




      How can I filter "Expired Members" parameter without affecting other parameter values?


      Please help.


      Kind Regards,


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