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    Javascript API - Data Filtering Based on User Login

    Baji Bonam

      Hi all,


      I would like to get your views on the below scenario.


      I have embedded my tableau server's view into a webpage using javascript api. This webpage has several groups of visitors and authentication to the webpage is done by the website's login system.


      I want to display certain tableau views for every user authenticated to see this page. The challenge is to restrict the data displayed based on a certain usergroup the user belongs to. If it is within tableau server I would have done so using usergroups and ismemberof() in-built function. I want to replicate the same for my web users too. In order to implement this do they all needs to be registered as licensed users in tableau server? What if the webpage has say, thousands of viewers? This will be cost-prohibitive in terms of user licenses to be purchased. Is there anyway I can workaround this?


      Many thanks