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    How to show Arrow Markon top of the Bar Chart (Arrow Indicates YOY comparison of Sales )

    Rajeev Pandey

      Dear Tableau Gurus

      Could you please help me in solving the below scenario. Our business User wants to see the YOY sales performance data in the below image like if there is any decrement in the sales compare to previous then Down arrow show come on top of  the bar chart and if there is an increment then Up arrow should come on top of the bar chart along with the value and %.


      I was able to achieve by the same in Tabular format but they are not interested in the tabular fashion.


      I thought of achieving the same by using the reference line but the formula which I m using is String calculated field so cannot  use it as Reference. Please help me in getting the issue resolved.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated

      I have used the dual axis Till Now I am able to achieve when I am keeping category First and order date later on COlumn Shelf. How I can achieve the same by doing the Vice versa( arrangement of dimension in column shelf)

      Rody Zakovich Pooja Gandhi Shinichiro Murakami Simon Runc