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    Include Measures from one month in Multiple Time Groups

    David Pavel

      I need to calculate the average over three periods:

      • Last 3 Months    (Dec ‘15 – Feb ‘16)
      • Last 12 Months  (Mar ‘15 – Feb ‘16)
      • Last 36 Months  (Mar ‘13 – Feb ‘16)


      My challenge is the values in the Last 3 months also fall in the Last 12 and Last 36 months.

      I can only get Tableau to include each months in a single Time Group.


      How do I get Tableau to include the correct total months per period so my average is correct? 

      See below: My goal is to get the Average line for 12-Mo to go include the last 3 months; same for the 36-Mo average.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated. I've attached a workbook for the sample data.


      Hours by TimeGroup.png