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    Formatting data around a reference line

    Sarah Crilley

      Hello - I have this report showing monthly phone usage and I have a reference line to show our monthly allowance to point out who's going over and who's under on the minutes.  What I'd like to do to make the people who go over their minutes more prominent is to color code the line if it goes OVER the allotment but keep it the same color if it's BELOW.  I did a screen shot of what I currently have and am looking for help or suggestion on it.


      In the first line (531) he is obviously over his minutes by 131 minutes.  I'd like his line to be green until the 400 mark and then anything after the reference line be red.  Is that possible? If not, my 2nd choice would be to make his whole line RED because he's OVER the 400?  I've tried the stepped colors with red/green diverging but I may not be doing it right.


      Any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance!

      Reference Line.jpg