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    How do I force the moving average to be based on time periods, even if my grouping changes?

    Amer Numan

      I have a table that allows the user to select any row grouping they want in a parameter (region, product, sales person, month, quarter etc.) to see the same 3 measures (revenue, transactions, profit).


      We need to show which of these 3 measures is under the moving average of the past 12 weeks, no matter what the selected grouping is (Y/N flag).


      All the solutions I found about moving averages use the WINDOW logic. But that doesn't work here, because the window can be 2 regions, 50 products, or 5000 sales people. I don't want the moving average to be based on "the previous 12 categories in the window" but rather "the previous 12 weeks" no matter what the window actually contains.


      Any ideas?