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    Show a field in the Dashboard  Title only - Part Two

    Cosimo Mercuro


      In a my previous post : Show a field on the Dashboard  Title only

      with the precious help of Nathan, I've solved the issue on how to show a field (i.e. "Aggiornamento" field) in the dashboard Title.

      Nathan say me to insert the "Aggiornamento" field in the tooltip shelf in the workseet and then it will be available in the dashboard title.




      All seems to me works fine until - for any reason - the "Aggiornamento" field was not the same for every record.

      In fact, if there is even a different Date in the "Aggiornamento" field, when I add the field to the Dashboard Title I can't see it (i.e. the Minimum or Maximux vale) but only the "All" value; like this:



      Any idea?

      Thanks in advance.