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    List workbooks containing url actions (postgres query) v9.0.3

    Donna Coles

      I am posting in the hope there may be a way to find this out, but will be very surprised if so...


      We have hundreds of workbooks published on our Tableau Server which contain URL actions that link to information on our web based transactional systems.  eg a view that lists some summary information about a customer will have a url action to allow the user to open up the customer record in our source system via http://<our server>/customer/detail.apx?Customer_No=<field from datasource>.


      We're in the process of transitioning our transactional system from an on premise solution to the cloud and consequently the url is changing (the <our server> bit of the url actions all need to be updated).


      Does anyone know of any way we might be able to find the set of workbooks that will be affected by this.. maybe via a query on the postgres database perhaps...