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    Create a Table of Contents for my story

    Mar Meyer

      I am trying to create a table of contents to navigate to other dashboards in my story. I successfully created the table of contents dashboard thanks to this amazing tutorial that I will link to below. It works perfectly on the dashboard, however when I created a story, the links stopped working... Why do action filters work for dashboards but not stories? Has anyone been successful with this?


      Here is the tutorial that helped me to create the table of contents dashboard: Applied Visual Analytics: Making a Reusable Tableau Table Contents

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          Bill Lyons

          Story Points are designed to have filters specific to the Story Point that override those of the dashboard. This is intentional and by design, to support the purpose of Story Points. I suspect that is the reason for your trouble. I suggest you "go with the flow" and use what works, and stop fretting over what doesn't.