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    Opening balance and Closing balance

    Shanaka Gunaratna

      Hi Experts


      I m having an issue deriving opening balance and closing balance in following data set. Please note there will be a hierarchy as well. So once I expand the hierarchy is should get the opening and closing balances for the lowest granularity. Thanks


      opening balance is  Amount at first day of month

      closing balance is Amount at last day of month


      Data set

      (Hierarchy - Group, Level1, Level2)


      Group  Level1  Level2  PostingDate Amount

      A1     X1      C1      '02-Jan-2016'     100

      A2     X1      C2      '12-Jan-2016'     1000

      A1     X1      C1      '15-Jan-2016'     200

      A1     X3      C1      '02-Feb-2016'     100

      A1     X2      C2      '22-Feb-2016'     900

      A1     X1      C1      '23-Feb-2016'     -100