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    Has anyone been able to use a Sharepoint 2013 Form to add a user to Tableau Server

    Jason Scarlett

      I'm way out of my comfort zone on this one ... but nothing ventured, nothing gained.


      We have SharePoint 2013 (+Infopath), Tableau Server 9.2.6, AD authentication, and the need to have new users acknowledge a 'terms of use' agreement before they sign in the first time.


      Currently I can hack the login page so a custom link shows up that directs new users to an alternate URL where they can "register" their new account. I also have a SharePoint 2013 form/registration page that sends an email with the information. But ideally, the user would enter their information, click submit ... then some API magic? ... and then the user would be added to the Tableau Server with a congratulatory message. Is this something that SharePoint can do? For simplicity, I would really prefer not to have another stand alone server hosting the Form.


      Example workflow: