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    Market Basket Analysis with more than one "Main Item"

    Melissa Thompson

      I'm running a basket report analysis for a lot of different skus (sometimes in the hundreds). I want to know which of my "main items" is creating the largest basket in terms of dollars..


      Right now what I'm doing is creating a transaction number identifier to have a sku to link basket items back to, but the issue is when a transaction contains more than one main item it is only linking the sales into the basket of the first one. I tried duplicating transactions in my excel file and manually changing the identifier to the other main item but that falsifies my total sales..


      is there a way that I can sort of say when a sku is in the list of "main items" to then populate the list of transaction number and sum the sales of the whole transaction number and then sum every one of those per occurrence of each main item?


      Thank you for your help