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    Assigning One Category to Orders with Multiple Products

    Jessica Addy

      I have a data source where the data is on the product line item and the category data is derived from the PLIs so one order is assigned multiple categories.  I want to assign each order one category based on category priority logic so that I can review the data at the order level of detail.  So let's say I'm selling office supplies and a customer ordered 10 office chairs and a stapler .  The stapler has a product category of supplies and the office chairs have a product category of furniture, when I try to view orders at a category level, this order would be split into two categories.  Let's say that furniture was more important to me than supplies, so I want to assign the whole order to the furniture category (including the supply PLI) so that I can review the orders in whole assigned only to one category. 


      I'm sure the solution to this involves a level of detail calculation, but I'm getting stuck...