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    Turnover Calc with Static population

    Linda Tadych



      I am trying to do a basic turnover calculation with a static headcount.   Headcount file is just who was rated in our performance rating process, and looking at how many people have left out of each of the rating buckets.    I have one file with the rated population, along with ratings and ratings buckets (1.0-1.9, 2.0-2.9, etc) and then a termination file with only those that have left that also exist in the rated population file.   I've added the performance scores and buckets to my termination file as well.


      I want to show a chart with the 5 ratings buckets and the turnover % in each.   Again, not doing annualized turnover calc, just simply terminations/headcount, and broken out by the 5 buckets.


      Thanks for any help or tips!