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    Automatically filter for Nth position of pareto diagram

    Adrian Grassl

      Hello together,


      in my dashboard I analyse the failures within an assembly line.


      We have following hierarchy:


      ==> Line

           ==> Cells

                ==> Failure Codes


      On the top left you can see a pareto analysis of the cells, sorted by the duration of downtime. If you mark one cell (see below), the diagram on the top right shows me the Top5 failure codes within this very cell.


      The six diagrams on the bottom (Let´s call them #1 to #6) show the progression of the downtime within the marked cell.

      What I´m trying to get now is #1 showing the progression of the whole cell (already happening), #2 showing only my Top1 failure code, #3 showing only my Top2 failure code, ... and so on.


      I´ve tried achieving it by using the rank function but didn´t get the desired result.


      Can someone of you guys help me? Thank you!