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    API to download a workbook view

    sriram krishnan

      I came across few recommendation to use rest api over tabcmd.

      But I've been unable to find a restful solution for downloading a workbook view .

      Closest I found was the Tableau rest apis seem to support fetching a previewImage ( /previewImage api) which I suppose is a binary content pulled via rest.


      Is there a similar rest api that could help with a view download (as pdf / other format)?


      The only solution that I have now is the following

      1)Install the tabcmd util in the client server

      2)Authenticate though tabcmd

      3)Use 'tabcmd get' to download as pdf


      tabcmd.exe login -s https://10ay.online.tableau.com -u xxxxx -p xxxxx

      ===== Creating new session

      ===== Server:   https://10ay.online.tableau.com

      ===== Username: xxxx

      ===== Connecting to the server...

      ===== Signing in...

      ===== Succeeded


      tabcmd.exe" get "/views/ExecutiveSalesforce/SalesGrowth" -f "c:/xxx/test.pdf"

      ===== Continuing previous session

      ===== Server:   https://10ay.online.tableau.com

      ===== Username: xxxxx

      ===== Site:     xxxxx

      ===== Requesting '/views/ExecutiveSalesforce/SalesGrowth?format=pdf' from the server...

      ===== Saved /views/ExecutiveSalesforce/SalesGrowth?format=pdf to 'c:/xxx/test.pdf'