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    Percent of total but based on the individual columns and not the total for all (ie not add up to 100%)

    Andy D

      Hi.  I'm trying to do something similar to what I would do with sumifs in Excel.


      I want to sum up values within a range and have that as a % of the columns for each.


      1)  I can't seem to do the value range because I get an error about mixing aggregate / non aggregate.  For example, I would want  do something like...


      if [value] >= 200 and [value] <= 400 then sum[value] end


      he only way I can seem to get that to work is to just add a filter that gives me the range I want.  Is there another way of handling this? 


      2) I then want to take that value and divide by total for each column so that I have the % of each columns total.  Percent of Total calculation will distribute among the columns so adds up to 100% but I don't want it to add to 100.


      Anyone able to help?