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    Advance Treemap Grouping


      Hi Experts, I try to show two measures group in one visualization, but,...I´m not sure if it possible.


      This is my data:




      The objetive is:





      I need to count distint customers and grouping in Purchases and sales.


      My bad visualization in tableau






      best regards,


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          Tharashasank Davuluru

          Hi ,


          The treemap component is able to handle negative colour intensities …. as long at least 1 intensity is positive. This means you need to add at least one row with an empty label field, 0 as value and 1% as intensity. As the label and value are both empty, it will not show up in the treemap itself.

          This workaround is however not a solution in case of negative values. A negative value will simply not display. In most cases a simple warning message will suffice as it is probably an exception. In case it is not an exception you should advise to use another chart type for analysis. Like with pie charts, where negative values cannot be displayed.

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            Shinichiro Murakami

            You can use LOD to use category as dimensions.


            [Purchase G 2]

            IF{fixed[Idcustomer]:SUM([Purchases])} > 0 THEN 'Positive Group'

            ELSEIF {fixed[Idcustomer]:SUM([Purchases])}<0 THEN 'Negative Group'

            ELSE 'Zero Group' END


            [Sales G 2]

            IF{fixed[Idcustomer]:SUM([Sales])} > 0 THEN 'Positive Group'

            ELSEIF {fixed[Idcustomer]:SUM([Sales])}<0 THEN 'Negative Group'

            ELSE 'Zero Group' END


            The rest of process should be easy for you.





            9.1 attached

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