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    Counting number of incidents to properties over a time range: Combo Chart

    Nicola Wong

      Hi all, I am new to the Tableau family and was looking to create something similar to number 8 in the following link but in a combo chart:


      Top 10 Tableau Table Calculations | Tableau Software


      I am looking to create this combo chart over the time range with repairs data for properties - please see the attached dataset. What I would like is:


      > On the left hand Y axis, repairs volumes to be counted - like the dots in the example above.

      > On the right hand Y axis, a count of "Warnings" which counts in a bar chart how many properties have had too many repairs over an amount of days - say more than 3 repairs over 2 months.

      > on the X axis I would like the date range.


      It would be great if I could then filter by trade, e.g. to see how many properties have had too many roofing repairs (>1 roof repairs every 3 months) over a stretch of time.


      Your help much appreciated!

      Kind regards,