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    Tabulating Sell Through % Dynamically on Tableau

    Sunil Rai

      Dear all,


      I have to do up a table that looks like this. The data that I have is weekly sales From January to March. I want to be able to let ppl dynamically calculate sell through based on their required time period.


      Customer Name     Sell Through %


      Sell Through is tabulated as


      sales for entire selected period/(sales as above+ final week inventory)


      The problem I have is that I only need the final week inventory (as selected by the filter) of the selected sales period.


      So if I am tabulating Wk 2 to Wk 7 sell through, I need my calculation to be Sales between Wk 2 and Wk 7 but that will require me to only pull the final week inventory for calculation (wk 7 in this case).


      I need to kind of solve this issue before I can start pulling in various filters etc for my report (sell though by category, customer segment) etc.


      The main question is how to I create a calculation that allows me to do the above.