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    User retention, churn, and resurrection

    Kent Liu

      I'm trying to produce a user growth chart like the one below (described in detail here).



      A user that makes a purchase in a given week is considered active. Within each time period, a user can can have states of active or inactive (or non-existent).


      As I interpret the blog post, the following metrics are descriptions of transitions between a given period and the previous period:

      1. Retained - users who were active the previous period and active during given period.

      2. Churned - users who were active the previous period and inactive during given period.

      3. Resurrected - users who were inactive the previous period and active during given period.


      I created some raw sample data (attached) that depicts a list of orders, the user who made the purchase, and the date of purchase.

      User activity (by hand analysis) is summarized here:


      UserWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5


      This ultimately produces this chart:

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          Dan Sanchez

          Hi Kent!


          Thanks for attaching the sample data.  I'm not sure if this is the most elegant solution or not as it does involve quite a fair number of nested calculated fields, but it does let us show the bar chart you created in Excel.  I attached a workbook (used Tableau 9.2) and have included a screenshot below of all the different worksheets I made to validate the calculations.


          One area to pay attention to is that the table calculations need to have their advanced Compute Using settings entered (accessed by right-clicking the field on the viz > Edit Table Calculation > select Advanced in the Compute Using drop down).


          Hopefully this helps get you started on your analysis.  Thanks!


          3-18-2016 10-34-26 AM.png

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            Tehmin Lee



            This is great!  One question, I have millions of user ID's and just to do a count of them in each periods by bucket in a table format.  I've tried using your example but can't get it to work.  Do you have any suggestions?  Thx!