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    Calculated LOD

    Albert Suryadi


      I'm trying to build get a coloring difference. For example, by different state, if values of open orders > median then color it red.


      I tried using LOD, but it doesn't seem to work...Attached the tableau 9.2 workbook here.


      Any pointers?




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          Shawn Wallwork

          Thanks for the workbook and the version number! It always helps. Here's the calc you're looking for:


          { EXCLUDE [City] :

          MEDIAN(  {FIXED [Country], [State], [City] : SUM([lod_cnt_open]) }  ) }


          Notice it's a LOD within an LOD. See attached.


          Oops, I forgot to set it up for color. Use this calc:


          SUM([lod_cnt_open]) >= MAX(

          { EXCLUDE [City] :

          MEDIAN(  {FIXED [Country], [State], [City] : SUM([lod_cnt_open]) }  ) } )


          And drop it on the color shelf.