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    Combining maps to show marks from different symbols or a symbol and a filled map?

    Lauren V

      I'm having trouble finding an answer to this already--perhaps someone could provide some directions or point me to where it is already answered?

      I have a couple of maps I am working on, but a similar issue.


      One is a symbol map that currently shows locations for 1 type of mark (Sector partnerships). I would like to add different types of symbol (for workforce centers and then another for colleges that I would also map out by zip code) to that same map.


      The other project is a dashboard that has 1 symbol map and 1 filled map side-by-side--however, it'd be really cool to overlay the symbol map over the filled map.


      I imagine both of these concepts are similar to enact? Sorry if I have terminology mixed up a bit, I'm still a map making novice.