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    Creating User Friendly Bar Graphs

    David Guzman

      Hi all,

      I am trying to create a bar visualization that shows total sales count of each product.

      The user is given the ability to change the date filter to show desired data. I limited the bar graphs to show only two months’ worth of data (the current date selected and the previous month). Attached is my experiment package. I am trying to develop a bar graph that temporary removes a product from the bar line if there is no sale for the chosen month.


      For example, if the user chooses April 2015, Product 2 Model 1 A should not be in this current visualization. But when we switch to May 2015, it should appear again because it does have some sales in May.


      I would also want to allow the user to manually change the y-axis increments manually to better show changes within months. For instance, a person can decide one product to have a y-intercept increasing by 2 while another product increasing by 3. Is this possible?


      Thanks in advanced.