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    Help duplicating a row across multiple corresponding columns with the same unique identifier

    Reid Thompson

      I used the tableau excel add-in to normalize some survey data and for the most part it's working well. However, I have a calculated field based off of an answer column and need to apply the result to all related respondent ID columns. The data is organized as follows:

      Respondent ID       

      Respondent IDQuestionAnswerOffer?
      1234567Do you have a job offer?1Yes
      2345678Do you have a job offer?2No
      3456789Do you have a job offer?1Yes
      4567890Do you have a job offer?3Pending

      "Offer?" is the calculated field with the following calculation:

      if [Question] = 'Have you received an offer?' and [Answer] = '1' then 'Yes'

      else if [Question] = 'Have you received an offer?' and [Answer] = '2' then 'No'

      else if [Question] = 'Have you received an offer?' and [Answer] = '3' then 'Pending'



      Now, I simplified the table for this purpose, and in reality there are about 100 rows per respondent ID and this particular question is only one of them. In order to filter the data in my dashboard on the 'Offer?' column, it appears I need to duplicate the calculated answer across all rows for the corresponding Respondent ID. How do I do that? I'm sure this has been answered somewhere else but I don't even know the vocabulary to structure the question in a search, so I'm asking here. I'm aware I could also filter on the 'Answer' column but I'll have the same problem: that there is not a value for every corresponding Respondent ID. Many thanks in advance!