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    Play Mode Feature is not enable when I publish a Dashboard

    Rodrigo Selari

      Hi Experts


      I have a Dashboard which I´m using the Play and stop buttons two show how an indicator behavior along a certain period of time. It works well when I have the file on my machine and just use the view mode, the buttons appear on the screen and works well, but when I publish the dashboard the button itself disappear, and I´m no longer able to show how that Indicator changed along that time.


      There is no error message neither reference that could indicate a error, the button just don´t appear online. Just that.


      Just more info to help in the analysis.


      • My Server is 9.0 and my desktop is also 9.0.
      • I´m using a tableau server compatible and the data source is fully Excel (xls)
      • My user is a admin for the site


      Look the picture attached for more details


      I hope someone can help. Its been a very good challenger.

      Thank you all