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    Second Login required for Community

    Ira Skop

      Since the upgrade of the Support and Community forums, when I select Community from the Tableau home page, I first come in unauthenticated. That is, I'm already logged into my account on tableau.com (EDIT ACCOUNT appears on top right), but when I choose Community, I need to log in again there (LOG IN appears on top right). I recall years ago that there were 2 separate log-ins that got consolidated such that a second log in was not necessary. Now, it seems that it is again. Anyone else experience this?

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          Toby Erkson

          I have not.

          What browser and version are you using?


            Tableau Community

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            Ira Skop

            Chrome. up to date (most current version)

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              Using Firefox 45.0.1 on Macintosh running OSX 10.9.5, I have a similar experience.   When i am logged in to Tableau Support and then go to Community, it appears that I am not logged in to the Community site.   The top right displays "Log in"... if i click on "Log in", I am then automagically logged in and can then see my profile icon and point total.  Not a major inconvenience, but since you mentioned it, I thought i would just corroborate that there does appear to be some weirdness in the transition/credentialing....

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                Ashish Singh

                I also have been facing the same issue since the time I joined the community. But for couple of days, it seems to be working fine.

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                  Toby Erkson

                  Okay, I did some experimenting.  Anywhere there is "SIGN IN" it's basically meant for Customer Support and purchasing:

                  The Community page is the only one that displays "LOG IN" and it's solely meant for the help forums (where we are now, like this thread):


                  I have two accounts: 

                  1. My work login that I use for work-related stuff, like customer support help, maintenance renewals, license purchasing, etc.
                  2. My personal login that I use for these forums.

                  For me, I do not want the two merged!  If I leave my current job then my account -- and all its admin capabilities -- can be properly terminated but I will still have my community/personal account to use where ever I may travel next and I won't be starting all over in the community


                  If one does not care about the two accounts being the same then the same credentials can be used, however, it's my understanding that the logins will remain separate.

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                    Patrick Van Der Hyde

                    The community system (Jive) and the tableau.com login are two different systems as Toby mentions however the Jive user id's are all created on tableau.com.  The first time you go to one of the other sites, a login must be initiated by clicking on the "login" or "sign in" buttons and a user must sign in.  However, once clicked, the authentication should be automatic with no need to enter additional credentials.  It is during this step that a cookie is set on the local pc to provide authentication until the browsing session is concluded.   The exception to this process is if a user is registering for the first time in the community forums, in which case an additional registration step is needed. 



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                      Ira Skop

                      Thanks for this perspective.