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    How can Date filter dynamically change with updated in data source?

    youthesh sagar

      Hi Everyone,


      Can anyone help to create a date filter which changes dynamically when the data source gets updated.


      Date filter shelf should automatically change to the most recent date and display data relevant to that date only, without user manually selecting the date from the drop down filter in the date filter shelf.


      Example of superstore excel file:-

      I have selected date "12/31/2014" in the order filter shelf. Say new data is been added for 01/01/2015 to the excel file.I want the view to change to 01/01/2015 automatically without manually selecting the date to 01/01/2015.

      Because i have scheduled these reports in our organization  to go out to respective users on daily basis using tableau server. How can be this achieved?

      I have to manually change the date in the workbook every time on tableau server.

      Can we use dynamic date filter or need to create a calculated filed?