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    Data Blending Left Join Issue


      Hi All,


      We are currently developing a customized usage dashboard for our business users. We are blending data using multiple data sources and both data sources are connecting to PostgreSQL databases. In the second data source we are using custom SQL which basically pulls the users who are in Usage and Admin AD groups. All sites contains corresponding Usage and Admin AD groups accordingly. Our aim is to provide the users logged in with their sites usage data. For example, user X is only part of site A and when he logs in he should be viewing only site A's usage statistics and if user Y is part of site B and C, he should be viewing both sites B and C's usage statistics.


      For the security piece we are capturing user login information using GetUserName() function. But we have a issue here with the Site Name filter. When a user X logs in, he is able to see only his sites corresponding data getting filtered but the site name filter shows all sites within the environment. we want to show only the sites which the user belongs to in the site name filter. I am assuming data blending is doing a left join and hence all the sites from the primary data source are being displayed.


      Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance.