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    How to Enable Row-Level Security on a Published Data Source (TDE)

    Michael Mixon

      I recently attended a customer summit where one of the break-out sessions focused on the challenge of adding row-level security to a published data source on Tableau Server.  This is something that we'd been struggling with for a while and something we really needed to figure out prior to going live with our latest project (which would add hundreds of new users to Tableau, users who needed to only see specific slices of the data).  Achieving this on a workbook has been doable for quite some time via user filters (see here), but I had never seen any resources that showed how to do this on a TDE.


      Thanks to some help by Tableau Support, we finally got it to work.  Below is a short blog post that describes how we added row-level security to a TDE.  I hope others find this useful.  It's actually much easier than we originally thought.


      Pixel Mixer: Row-Level Security On A Published Tableau Data Source