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    trouble with date calculations

    keerthana kumar

      Hi ,


      I am always getting stuck up when something  with date calculation come up. please help


      My latest scenario

      I trying to count selected period no of invoice..... where my no of invoice is calculated as---COUNTD(STR(STR([Calc Date])+STR([Customer])))


      In my sheet1 i have calculated the selected period Invoice as below and plotted it in a time graph

      if attr(DATEDIFF('month',[Calc Date],[start]))<=0 and attr(DATEDIFF('month',[Calc Date],[End]))>=0 then [No of Invoice] END

      [Calc Date]e --my date field .........[start] and [End] parameters where customers can choose the period


      When I want to see the same as a grid along customer the values are not appearing ...What am I doing wrong Also attached the workbook.

      date calcs today.png