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    Tableau distributes installation

    Irfan Mohammed

      Hi Everyone


          I have a very basic question about Tableau server installation in a distributed environment. We have 3 nodes, 1 primary and 2 workers. Primary will only host license and search processes. On W1 and W2 we have 100GB on C:\ and 200GB on D:\ each. What i am aware is that there is no segregation of app data (app installation) and repository data (extracts, workbooks etc) in Tableau. It depends on where we choose to install Tableau server (C;\ or D:\). If I install Tableau server on D:\, everything will go to D:\.


          In my case, do i need to install Tableau primary server, W1 and W2 on D:\ of each machine? My D:\ will be pointing to the shared NAS or SAN. How does cluster between the active data engine / repository and standby data engine / repository work?